Signature Line Industrialist Keyboard


Manufacturer: Luxosity

Luxosity is proud to offer the hand-crafted Industrialist Keyboard.

This exclusive design is being produced in a limited, signed and numbered series. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of history that will also remain a functional heirloom for years to come.Through a perfect melding of artistry and technology, these elegant keyboards are both beautiful and fully functional. Each one is meticulously crafted and interfaces smoothly with virtually all computers.The Industrialist keyboard affords you the timeless appeal of a typewriter’s classic round key face and the durability of mechanical switch functionality so often favored by those who prefer a tactile keyboard experience and a soft but precise 'click' with each keystroke.The solid metal frame, industrial hardware and chrome typewriter keys recall a time when craftsmanship and durability reigned. On each key, the keyboard uses industrial grade mechanical switches, rated for millions of key presses and years of faithful service. Thick, textured black leather wraps the keyboard face, while indicator LEDs sparkle through vintage glass pilot lamp lenses.Individually handcrafted in polished aircraft-grade aluminum with fine black leather accents, The Great Industrialist keyboard brings the elegance of a bygone era to your home, reception area, personal office, study or guesthouse. Imagine this as the perfect conversation piece or a gift for the aspiring author, the hardcore techie or that person who has everything.

When your fingertips touch these keys, you may find yourself transported to the time when dreams were limitless and anything was possible.

Own the Industrialist today.